How to scan A4 Bubble Sheets


  1. Start the app GradeScanner
  2. Place the bubble sheet on a plain and horizontal surface
  3. Avoid patched or decorated surfaces
  4. Select the assessment in Grade Scanner and tap on Scan button
  5. Through the iPhone place the sheet adjusted but inside the 4 corner’s guides
  6. Once the image is clear and steady, tap on the Screen

How to scan A5 bubble sheets

When scanning small sheets is mandatory to keep the whole sheet inside the scanning screen view.
When you are scanning multiple sheets, keep them well placed in a nice pile.
Check out the following video to see exactly how to do it fast and correctly.

Run the demo video

Do not manipulate the GradeScanner Sheets

GradeScanner will give you acurate results when using the sheets directly printed from the app, with any nowadays printer.

If you have any doubt about the quality of your printed sheets, check that the 5 test bubbles have different gray tones.
If they are all black it will not scan properly.

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